Individual Chefs

Cutting edge resources to make work easier for culinary professionals. Used by more than 50,000 chefs in over 100 countries in Europe, USA, Asia, and rest of the world.

Culinary professionals need the best tried-and-tested tools to make daily tasks easier to accomplish. CALCMENU Chef for foodservice professionals like chefs, culinary arts students, caterers,  and other food costing app enthusiasts give a standard solution for recipe management for personal use. 


Food preparation requires the skillful attention of chefs and his staff. From the chef de cuisine, sous-chef, chef de partie and down to the kitchen assistants, these people make up the kitchen brigade system. This huge responsibility demands proficiency in all aspects of menu preparation and thus, long hours of formal training are required before one can join the culinary profession.

CALCMENU empowers chefs and culinary practitioners with recipe management capabilities which is an effective tool that strengthens communication between kitchen staff, calculate food costing, eliminate potential errors in sourcing ingredients and  portioning, as well as units of measurement to use, automatic information on allergens and nutrients and more.

CALCMENU is a precise system that is easy to understand. Culinary institutions and universities have proven track record of their alumni being CALCMENU users that establish quality standards wherever they are positioned across the globe.

• Tighter operations and standardization control with centralized system management

• Easy dissemination of recipes

• Recipe management focused on ingredient data

• Global recipe application shareable to groups, countries, areas

• Access to mobile data becomes easier for chefs wherever they are  

• Food law compliant with composition and declaration generation and management

• Ensures standardized recipes

• Practical brand promotion and recipe marketing

• Efficient recipe marketing and brand promotion

• Lower food expenditures and costs, including time and labor expenses