Airline and Cruiseline Catering

Solutions that can be accessed on/off-board — suitable for kitchen production targeted for in-flight catering and foodservice on cruise ships.  

CALCMENU Web Airline/ Cruiseline manages a centralized recipe database for kitchen production within a central kitchen headquarters and across different geographical locations to use and follow standard nutrition calculator recipe procedures, portioning, and presentation for meals.


The airline and cruise line industry face the constant challenge of delivering high-quality meals to its thousands of passengers daily. Preparation of in-flight meals on board a commercial plane or ship requires the services of a competent specialist airline catering company.
CALCMENU’s suite of solutions helps effectively manage all catering tasks either on-board or off-board. Easily access recipe data on land or via in-flight or on-board via Kiosk and update necessary data when internet connection is available.
Plan menus and meal cycles with sufficient time for crucial ingredient sourcing and food costing. With the best information available to chefs, airline meal providers can overcome the multiple challenges associated with air or on-sea catering.
CALCMENU solutions are guaranteed to provide ease of use in managing menu and recipe, nutrients and allergens, and more.

• Greater operations and standardization efficiency due to centralized system management

• Uncomplicated recipe publication

• Ingredient-based recipe management

• Advanced group, country and area-sharing of global recipe management

• Chef’s tasks made simple as data access is thru mobile devices

• Conformity to food regulatory authorities with declaration and composition streamlined creation and management

• Standard recipe calculator information for consistent quality

• Systematic brand promotion and recipe marketing

• Savings on food expenses including time and manpower resources

Client Reference

EGS CALCMENU is used worldwide by individual chefs, students, restaurant management system owners, catering planner specialists, airlines, cruise line, bakeries, food manufacturers, food marketers, chains, hospitals and nursing homes, hotel management schools, and other culinary professionals.

Here are some of EGS CALCMENU clients:

Client Story

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