Food and beverage manufacturers have more time to comply with a new Nutrition Facts Label after the Food and Drug Administration finalized the rule to extend deadlines set last July.

“This extension on the Nutrition Facts Label regulation will help ensure that we provide the food industry with guidance to help them modernize their Nutrition Facts labels and that industry has sufficient time to complete and print updated Nutrition Facts labels.” said Scott Gottlieb, M.D., commissioner of the F.D.A.

FDA also released a draft guidance to help the industry declare added sugars on labels for honey, maple syrup, and some cranberry products. The agency intends to allow such manufacturers to include a symbol after the added sugars daily value on the new labels that will direct consumers to further information and context.

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FDA is also updated serving size requirements for the new label to more closely align with what consumers really eat and drink, and the agency issued final guidance on that aspect as well.

As consumer awareness towards healthier food choices increase, studies show there is a significant association between label use and the healthiness of products purchased.healthy food in container

Compliance Made Easy

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