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Enterprise solution for solving central kitchen and multi-branch requirements with advanced recipe management tools. 

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CALCMENU Web Chain features merchandise, recipe and menu management at an enterprise level. Companies such as yours can centralize recipe management on one server and yet maintain the unique needs of each site (if you need more than one site).

With the centralized recipe database of best recipe organizer app CALCMENU Web Chain, different markets/sites from different geographical locations can use and follow the standard procedures, portioning, and presentation for all your recipes.


In a quest to always deliver positive guest experience, food preparation is a critical service component. And since guests come from different nationalities, it is a must that the food and beverage sections are responsive and sensitive to the needs of their customers.

The chef and his kitchen staff must be guided by the most potent menu creator like CALCMENU. It summarizes to efficient oversight and food preparation, particularly for catering menu program functions within a property — banquet halls, restaurants, beach bars, wine cellars, and bars. Hotel and Restaurant chains that have chosen CALCMENU can attest to the fact that they have full control of each catering facility. 

With a winning recipe and standardized processes, CALCMENU helps maintain global quality across business chains. Managers can also make their hotel food and beverage operations cost-efficient, and build creative signature dishes and menus. Its useful features are highly flexible in attaining an effective food and beverage management. 

CALCMENU utilizes key software features, culinary staff accomplish recipe costing, menu planning and back office management with stock management, inventory, purchases/receiving, and more. 

CALCMENU also applied the best systems with the highest possible benchmarks in security, performance, and reliability.

• Enhanced operations and standardization control accessible through a centralized management system

• Easy recipe publication 

• Ingredient-based recipe management

• Global recipe management allowing multiple location sharing

• Easy mobile data access for chefs everywhere, anywhere

• Food law compliance, including clear creation and management of composition and declaration

• Consistent quality of standardized recipes

• Valuable recipe brand promotion and marketing

• Efficient recipe marketing and brand promotion

• Food costs reduction, especially in time and labor

Client Reference

EGS CALCMENU is used worldwide by individual chefs, students, restaurant owners, caterers, airlines, cruise line, bakeries, food manufacturers, food marketers, chains, hospitals and nursing homes, hotel management schools, and other culinary professionals.

Here are some of EGS CALCMENU clients:

Client Story

Given this commitment to quality, the hotel group has
turned to EGS CALCMENU Web for aid in creating
and standardizing its recipes. Using this web-based
solution, they are able to centrally manage recipes
and publish them on a website called “Kiosk”.