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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has signed Republic Act (RA) no. 11052 which makes the Professional Regulatory Board of Food Technology implement its practices in the Philippines. This food technology law intends for the use of raw ingredients and materials along with correlated sciences to create safely-produced and packaged nutritious food.


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CALCMENU Kitchen and Recipe Software helps local food production companies such as manufacturers, commissary kitchens, catering companies, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airlines and cruiselines, food stalls and diet deliveries comply to government food laws by standardizing recipe data, reducing food costs, managing HACCP information, obtaining automated nutrient and allergen information, reinforcing menu management, producing food labels and more.

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Be Ready for Compliance – Get CALCMENU for Your Business Now

We’ll help you prepare your existing recipe and ingredient data, transfer it into CALCMENU, and schedule training. The CALCMENU Web solution is hosted on our servers so you can access from anywhere — you don’t have to install or maintain anything.

We’ll take care of everything and leave you the cooking. It’s that easy!


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