Celebrated every year on the 16th of October, World Food Day, continues to advocate building a world free from hunger. With the aim of a #ZeroHunger world by 2030, the United Nations encourages everyone to do their part. We can help achieve #ZeroHunger by “producing more with less, adopting sustainability, and reducing food wastage.”


Smart solutions like EGS CALCMENU enable kitchens around the world to economize food production and reduce waste with more accurate menu planning and inventory management. What’s more, we’ve recently partnered with Eaternity, a “solution that gives restaurant owners insights into the environmental impacts of their foods. Enabling smart decision-making for the benefit of people and the planet in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

climate friendly text

The integration to the Eaternity Database (EDB) allows the CO₂ value (also health and other environmental indicators) to be linked to merchandise and ingredients in recipes managed within EGS CALCMENU Web – enabling you to make healthier and climate-friendly meals.


Moreover, participating in communities like The Chefs’ Manifesto can help “deliver a better food future for all”. This coupled with sourcing locally and responsibly, and sharing your knowledge on effective solutions, can truly make a difference!


Talk to us today to know more about creating climate-friendly meals and economizing your food production.

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