Food Label Assistant works with the CALCMENU recipe management software which gives you access to complete recipe data, nutritional values, and accurate measurements for preparation of food and drink items.

CALCMENU syncs your recipe data to the labeling assistant - making it practical and easy to use. Choose the recipe, the label style, quantity of labels and you're ready to print!

How does it work?

CALCMENU Web can handle this complex process of collecting product information from the suppliers to the completion and validation of the declaration, as well as its transfer to POS or scale system.

You may modify each information, validate it and approve it before distribution. It is an advanced solution used by large corporations.

Sample of EU Law label and printouts that can be printed.

You may also choose among the available layout of labels and printouts, or request for a customized layout.

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Greatly facilitates the whole process from basic product definition management to the printing of the labels in your food products

Creates the composition dynamically based on the recipe, the chosen products, and by following the law

Helps in making sure that the information provided by suppliers about their products is complete, accurate, and validated

The composition can be reviewed, edited, and finalized before being approved for label printing

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