Is your business ready for the new demands for 2019? According to Technomic it has identified Eight Global Trends that businesses, from food chains, distributors or manufacturers must understand and incorporate into their 2019 strategies.

We’ve selected our top three:

Trend 1 – Accessibility

When we talk about foodservice “accessibility”, we refer to an umbrella term that speaks to the consumer demand for food anytime, anywhere. Globally, almost 60% of consumer foodservice occasions are consumed “off-premise” and the trend points to continued consumer interest in convenient options for ordering and receiving food outside the traditional in-restaurant dining occasion.

The primary way this trend has been playing out in global markets is through the explosive growth in food delivery (and primarily third-party delivery through players such as Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Deliveroo, etc.) but operators are also investing in solutions for off-premise catering, takeout and drive-through. The implications for this will play out for years to come through smaller restaurant footprints, technology-enabled solutions and new service solutions to meet the demand of the on-demand consumer.

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hands pouring vegetables in the bowl

Trend 2 – Customization

This trend has been evolving for years and at its most basic, it includes growth in the consumer demand for “made to order” or “build your own” that allows customization.

However, as more consumers express dietary preferences and restrictions, the need for consumers to be able to build items that meet their specific needs is increasingly common. Consumers want choice and flexible options and increasingly find value in restaurant and foodservice operators that can provide this.

Not only is this reflective of baseline consumers, this is also reflective of commercial and larger-scale businesses. The need for customization for services and solutions grows as the need to match consumer demand increases.

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Trend 3 – Technology

Technology has been redefining the guest experience for years, and operators continue to turn to technology to help solve rising costs and demands for convenience.

The ordering process has already become highly automated with in-store kiosks, apps, online ordering, facial recognition and facial ordering becoming more common across the global scene. This advancements are making it easier for consumers to place and receive their orders without ever talking to an employee, if they don’t want to.

While technology can add value to the overall occasion, it’s important to remember that technology is still secondary to critical attributes like quality and price.

With EGS CALCMENU, we help you maintain consistency and quality in your food products while increasing profitability.

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