It’s the start of a new year. What’s your game plan for 2019?

There will be numerous trend predictions for the foodservice industry and since it’s the season of giving, we rounded up the first few releases and packaged them for you. Here’s a peek at 2019 trends from respected sources that are sure to spark ideas for the new year.


The crackerjack guys at Whole Foods (WF) have released their predictions for 2019. According to the company, their seasoned trend-spotters thoughtfully compiled the reports “based on more than 100 years of combined experience in product sourcing, studying consumer preferences and participating in food and wellness industry exhibitions worldwide.”

Here’s what they predict for 2019:

Pacific Rim Flavors

One might think we’re running out of novel global flavors, but fear not – 2019 will be the year of the Pacific Rim. Think Asia, Oceania and the western coasts of North and South America. WF says to watch out for food items like guava, dragon fruit, passionfruit, longganisa (a Filipino pork sausage), dried shrimp, cuttlefish and shrimp paste, among other flavor inspirations.

Introduce seasonal and special ingredients in your menus and WOW your customers with your creativity. Using interesting flavors can be your brand differentiator and set you apart from the competition.

And with EGS CALCMENU, you can easily introduce new and alternative ingredients in your existing recipes or create new ones. Our intelligent solutions help you better manage your recipes and food costs, even with daily specials on your menu, to simplify operations and aid in your business growth.


Shelf-Stable Probiotics

The fermented food craze has spread because they are rich in probiotics. We can expect even more innovative probiotics in food and in more novel iterations in 2019.

Wellness-focused brands are making it easier to get more probiotics in your day by adding functional probiotic ingredients to your pantry staples through products like granola, oatmeal, nut butters, soups, and nutrition bars.

Make it easy to calculate for nutritional information with EGS CALCMENU’s simple to use features, when you swap out or add additional ingredients to create healthier recipes that your customers want!


Trendy Fats

The times have certainly changed. Once the bad boys of the food world, fats are now the darlings thanks to popular diets like Keto, Paleo, and Grain-free, to name a few.

“Along with these phat fats, higher protein and lower-carb combos will continue to trend across simple and easy snacking categories,” they predict.

Look for keto-friendly nutrition bars made with MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil powder, coconut butter–filled chocolates, “fat bomb” snacks and a new wave of ready-to-consume vegan coffee drinks inspired by butter coffees. And wait for it, ghee will be bigger than ever.

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New Year. New Solutions.

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