Our Training Structure

Training is an integral part of any software management system. Without proper guidance and training, even the most powerful and comprehensive software programs will be rendered useless. After all, what good is a software management system if you don't know how to use it the right way?

That is why we offer personalized training courses and on-site implementation services to make sure that you benefit from all the features of EGS Products.

Initial Evaluation and Consultation
This involves a personal discussion about your establishment's existing operations setup. We need to know specific details such as the number of storerooms and profit centers, number of workstations and employees, existing accounting and POS systems, inventory procedures, daily operations, purchasing and requisition methods, existing problems, etc. Understanding your daily operations and existing problems will enable us to plan how best to setup and implement EGS Products for your establishment.

Database Setup and Construction
Proper database setup and construction is the first and most important part of the training. We will provide training on how to create and configure all of the inventory locations - storerooms, warehouses, profit centers, franchises, etc. We will also guide you on setting up categories for your inventory items, as well as recipes and set menus.

Systems Administration Training
We will provide training for the System Administrator on the following subjects: database and program installation, setting up and creating users, assigning program rights for each user, maintaining databases, database backup options, working with interfaces, troubleshooting, etc.

Program Functions Training
This training program is made for employees who will be involved in using the program on a daily basis. We will train them the proper way to create recipes and menus, create requisitions and purchase orders, enter delivery receipts and invoices, make inter-kitchen and bar transfers, manage inventory transactions, and generate different kinds of reports.

Report Analysis Training
We will provide training on how to generate and analyze different reports, including the following:
- Actual vs. Ideal Food Cost
- Inventory Variance
- Sales and Product Contribution

When you attend our training, you will receive a comprehensive User Manual and certificate. We also offer on-line training courses.

Contact us now at info@eg-software.com to know more and avail of this service.