EGS CALCMENU Product Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in EGS Software Solutions. Please take a moment in answering the succeeding questions below to help us find out more about your needs. Your answers to these questions will guide us in offering the best solution that would match your software requirements.

The information you indicated on this questionnaire will be kept confidential. It will be our reference to prepare a personalized proposal for you.

Contact Information

What kind of solution do you require?
How many Outlets/Sites/Restaurants will use the system?
Recipes and other information in the system can be divided by group of users/sites/outlets. Each site can work independently, but also share data with other sites. In the case of a group of restaurant, each restaurant would probably be counted as one site.
a. All outlets in the same building?
b. If they are not in the same building, where are they located?
c. If they are not in the same building, do these outlets need to work on the same database?
How many users will be working on CALCMENU?
A “User” has login information to access the system. The rights to access the different features of the system and sites can be defined individually for each user
Users as Editor to encode and modify recipes
Users as Viewer to only view, resize, and print recipes
Who will host the solution?
What features are you interested in?
Interfaces (with separate costs from standard price)
Note: EGS can customize interface with any Inventory, Accounting or POS Software through file exchange. Please send us a sample file from your Inventory, Accounting or POS System so that we could check and include in the proposal.
Languages you want to use for CALCMENU?*

Do you have a database of recipes that need to be converted to CALCMENU format?*
If yes, kindly upload your file:
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How many recipes do you need to be migrated into CALCMENU?