Image of Label Printer, Label sticker and salad with label using CALCMENU

Label for Food, Production and Nutrition Facts

CALCMENU’s food label feature is in compliance with EU food labeling regulations that took effect in December 2014. Particularly, EU Regulation 1169/2011 has mandated allergen information be made available on both prepackaged and non-prepackaged foods. Food product nutrition label must list the allergenic substances or products that contain substances with allergenic origins. More importantly, the label must be typeset to distinguish it from others and must use a different background color, style, or font.

Label printing is so easy with CALCMENU as you can create nutrition label from recipe.

You have access to a range of layouts or report catalogs for free. 

• Recipe Data

• Declaration/Composition

• Logo

• Recipe Image

• Nutrients

• Allergen Declaration on Label

• Dietetic Information

• Expiration Date

Clients who want to customize design and layout can do so using CALCMENU’s third party label partner providers (label rolls using Zebra printer and using Nicelabel software). We can easily set up an interface with these providers for your convenience. With this, CALCMENU gives you better control of your branding as you can dictate your company preferences for the label layout.

Moreover, CALCMENU’s food label template allows you to print multiple labels in various formats, and in colored and black and white printing.