Product Features

As one of the leading recipe software providers, CALCMENU has taken the initiative to understand its clients better.

We achieve this by creating solutions targeted towards the culinary professionals, including individual business owners and companies that have global presence and an immediate and long-term need for unique and enterprise recipe solution.


Allergen Management

Display up to 22 allergens linked to ingredients used in recipe.

Food Composition and Declaration

Product-based food declaration and composition can be automatically made thru recipes.

Label for Food, Production and Nutrition Facts

Automatically create labels with food declaration and composition, allergens, and other information based on recipes and products.

Globally Scalable for Multiple Sites

CALCMENU allows multiple sites within the same location or region, and different countries worldwide.

Recipe Sharing and Exchange

Share standard recipes, cooking procedures, and presentations with other CALCMENU users.

Recipe Costing

Calculate recipe costs based on merchandise. Flexible pricing formulas enable you to get an accurate recipe and menu price within your desired profit.

Recipe Creation and Standardization

Create and modify recipes while assuring consistent format and quality, by managing ingredient units, nutrients, menu allergy warning, etc. from a central system.

Recipe and Merchandise Branding

Use single or multiple brands in a recipe. Advance brand management may help promote brands to external recipe websites.

Nutrient Calculation

As nutrition facts calculator, CALCMENU automatically computes the nutrient information as the merchandise is added to the recipe or menu.

Nutrient Reference

Calculate nutrient information for each merchandise in recipes and menus. Define up to 34 nutrients from references such as USDA, BLS, Swissfood, and more.

Access via mobile device

Managing, retrieving, sharing, and viewing recipes can be done with a few taps or clicks on your iPad, iPhone, Android device, and PC or laptop.

Recipe and Ingredient Approval

Quality control of recipes and merchandise in your database to be used with uniformity across your network.

Category, Keywords, and Sources Management

Assign useful keywords and categories to merchandise, recipes, and menus for easy search reference.


Advanced recipe management allows you to create unlimited sub-recipes for other recipes.

Shopping List

Easily create shopping lists of ingredients for meal planning and supplier purchasing by selecting recipes and menus.

Role Rights and Approval Routing

Manage workflow among your team members with an administrator assigning predefined roles.

Media Files Linked to Recipes

Add digital assets such as photos, and videos to your recipes.

Cookbook and Recipe Grouping

Organize recipes according to use, occasion, level of expertise, holiday, main ingredient, and more.

Publication Management

Keep a track of your published recipes or the ones shared online.

Link Multiple Images

Add useful photos as reference to rare ingredients, ideal plating, or meal preparation steps.

Imperial And Metric Units

Use Metric or Imperial or combine both depending on merchandise requirements.

Language Translation

Create multi-language translations of recipes.

Multiple Currency Calculation

Manage a central recipe and merchandise database and create multiple sets of prices such as for locally-sourced items.

Export to MS Excel, MS Word, CSV

Conveniently export recipe data from CALCMENU into other usable and editable formats.

Recipe Status

Control which recipes are final and for public view and use, set dates in advance for occasion-specific recipes and menus.

Recipe Version

Create recipe versions with new adjustments, instead of re-entering recipes, compare versions and easily check what has changed.

Recipe Print Templates

Use ready-made templates for printing recipes and labels, or request for customized layouts.

Menu Planning Management

As healthy meal plan app, CALCMENU plans meals and menus for any given day and time (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) with a variety of proposals for each menu. Forecast purchasing, print or share menu plans to customers, view nutritional information per menu, per day, etc. and assess balance of diets.

Menu Engineering

Identify menu items to retain or drop from your menu thru menu mix analysis, helping you evaluate profitability.

Plating Instruction

Define cutlery, dishes and serving presentation for your recipes.

Tax Rate Management

Create and assign tax rates based on the tax values imposed on goods and services in your country.

Simple Inventory

Print inventory sheets to collect data in your storage locations, then encode the quantities in your CALCMENU to save and compare.

Simple Purchasing

Create purchasing lists within CALCMENU with a few clicks, and your Purchase Order is ready to be sent to suppliers via e-mail or fax.

Advanced Inventory Management via F&B Control

Manage inventories, mulitple suppliers and locations in F&B Control. Handle purchase requisitions, ordering and receiving, and export these data to your Accounting system. Track sales performance and link to POS.

Supplier Management

Add suppliers and product details to link information to each merchandise.

Baker's Percentage

Show basic proportions of ingredients, calculated, and expressed as percentages. Consider subrecipe ingredients and the final dough using flour, calculating the proportions of the formula and all the other ingredients in the flour to 100% of its weight.

Production Instructions

Create detailed step-by-step procedures for setting standards in culinary training.


Define HACCP guidelines for recipes such as critical control points in cooling and heating times, temperature modes, storage, and more.

Compatibility with Terminal Service and Citrix

Access a CALCMENU Windows-installed version from a remote computer over a network connection. Users from different cities/ countries can access CALCMENU through internet access.

Web-based Version

CALCMENU Web version requires only an Internet connection and Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari. All users can already access the recipe database without the need for installation. Access from anywhere.

Windows Installed Version

CALCMENU can be installed in an unlimited number of workstations where multiple concurrent users in a Local Area Network (LAN) can access and work on the main database in the server at the same time. User licenses have to be purchased for each workstation.

Tailor-fit Solutions

Customization plays a significant role in helping CALCMENU better respond to the needs of companies and their respective clients who have their own food preferences due to unique lifestyle and/or medical requirements. Our recipe software applications are designed to comply meticulously with a range of food service-oriented industries. This way, various requirements set by regulatory organizations around the world as well as the food guidelines of each company are analyzed and considered on a macro-setting.

Cost Efficiency

The main goal of CALCMENU is helping businesses cater to their specifications at the most cost-efficient way by being consistent with its core values. You can count on CALCMENU to offering you a personalized approach at different stages you need – from integrating CALCMENU into your system to responding to developing requirements.

In maximizing supply chain efficiency in the food sector, it is expected that organization leaders will choose the right software solution most appropriate to their structures at the least cost. Such is the case of the CALCMENU software, which helps foodservice companies meet their promises to their respective customers while at the same time eliminating wastage in the whole supply process.


Compliance to food safety rules is our top priority. This means CALCMENU understands your adherence to the highest standards in the food service industry. It is the main reason why global companies choose CALCMENU as their leading partner in handling their recipes database management.

Like other industries, food service brands must meet stringent regulations across continents to operate and remain competitive. Risk reduction is an integral system that brands must focus on. With CALCMENU’s software products, food brands have an effective compliance audit system that meet the standards of regulatory authorities, such as Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 or the United States Food Drug and Administration’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

The deployment of CALCMENU applications into a food service organization’s system eventually improves daily operations, makes customers happy, and protects client’s brand identity.

Add-on Features