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The App works with CALCMENU so that recipe data, nutritional values, composition, and other food information measurements are synced.

*works with CALCMENU Web Professional, Business and Chain editions

Once downloaded, work on your labels from Windows 10 devices-even offline.

Choose the recipe, the label style, quantity of labels, and you're ready to print!

Since the App works with Windows 10, it has more responsive functions, making it more efficient and faster to work.

This Windows 10 App also makes the Label Assistant available even when offline!

Benefits of the Food Label Assistant

  Print with just a few taps

    Choose category, recipe, label style, quantity and print

                Preview the recipe to cross-check for content accuracy

  Set specific language as preferred

  Test print

  Print labels with complete food data including nutritional info, GDS, allergens, and more

Food Label Assistant

provides what others can only imagine. Download from the Windows App Store and look forward to success.

Enggist and Grandjean Software SA (EGS) develops advanced foodservice software globally for over 27 years.

How does it work?


Project Development

Select a category

Press the "list" button beside the logo and select the category.

Project Development

Select a recipe

Select a recipe and a window will appear containing all of the recipe information.
Press "Add for printing" button to select the recipe for printing.

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Select the label type and print quality

• Choose the language, label template and enter the number of copies you want to print.
• Press "print" button if ready or "add to queue" if the user is printing multiple recipes.
• Other data such as "production date" and "item weight" on the fields provided.

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Print Process

• List of items and print order can be found on the "Print Queue" Tab
• You also have the option to cancel a recipe in queue by pressing the x icon beside the item

Project Development

Access some options

Refresh Data - Download data from the server whenever needed.
Test Printer - Send test data to the printer
Change Location - Select another location. Only available or "Admin" users.
Print Options - Enables the user to set up the printing devices to be used for printing.

EGS Food Label Assistant

Sample Food Label Printout and Sizes

These labels can come in an array of styles and may also be customized according to your needs.
Label sizes may also depend on the available printer and paper.


Printer Compatibility