EGS now provides the EGS Master Ingredient Database which is a comprehensive source of thousands of food items in multiple languages, with each item already linked to nutrient reference tables (USDA, BLS, SWISS FOOD, etc.), keywords (taste, shape, texture, physical attribute, etc.), categories, Wikipedia reference, and product information made available by the local suppliers. This database is used by CALCMENU users worldwide, and is encoded by foodservice global data experts.

The EGS Master Ingredient Database, can be integrated in your CALCMENU Solution to greatly reduce inefficiencies such as data duplication and unnecessary operational costs for encoding, linking, updating, and maintaining the data. Your company can depend on a useful, precise data environment. It also increases the impact of researches, gives clear documentation and evidence of information, complies with government regulations, and progressively updates and preserves data for long-term access.

EGS conveniently and readily provides a comprehensive list of over 5,000 basic ingredients which users are able to access and share to others. This extensive ingredient list is already linked to essential components that make the job easier for the user: Nutrients via nutrient reference databases, Allergens, Products and Suppliers), Keywords, Translation, Units, Categories and even to accurate references via Wikipedia.

Download EGS Master Ingredient Database Brochure