Culinary Management Schools

EGS works hand in hand with hotel management schools around the world in training future culinary professionals.

CALCMENU Web Academic is used by hotel management schools around the world, as students are assured that they made the right decision in securing their future as culinary professionals. A strong curriculum would include software applications used by top industry hotel chains, restaurants, airlines and other industries.


Training culinary professionals require a great investment in time and money and educational institutions make sure they have the best teachers and tools to hone the new generation of executive chefs, head chefs, sous chefs, chefs de partie, etc. All the skills that they need such as creating good recipes, planning menus, and how to calculate food cost for a recipe are imbibed in culinary learnings.

CALCMENU has the appropriate tools in preparing students for the various requirements of the hospitality industry such as recipe costing, menu planning , food handling and storage procedures (HACCP),  useful restaurant menu maker management and training techniques when they handle their own kitchen staff, food costing and purchasing methodologies.

• Creation of standard recipes and linking information

• Recipe instruction easily accessible

• Recipe development based on ingredients

• Key sharing by groups, countries, areas of global recipe management

• Chef’s data access simplified thru mobile gadgets

• Satisfaction of various food regulations with simple creation and management of composition and declaration

• Organized food calculator recipes to ensure food quality

• Expert recipe promotion and consumer brand marketing

• Efficient recipe marketing and brand promotion

• Minimal expenses on food, including time and labor

Client Reference

EGS CALCMENU is used worldwide by individual chefs, students, restaurant owners, caterers, airlines, cruise line, bakeries, food manufacturers, food marketers, chains, hospitals and nursing homes, hotel management schools, and other culinary professionals.

Here are some of EGS CALCMENU clients: