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CALCMENU is the right solution for handling complex food management in large-scale kitchen production environments.

EGS offers easy-to-use software solutions to meet every need of the Restaurant Industry – from the smallest detail of creating recipes and menus to the more elaborate task of managing operations.

Our line of solutions provide an easy way to create quality and specialized recipes and menus with automatic calculation of nutrients, GDA, Allergens, food composition, and more. With F&B Control you may also manage your stock, inventory, purchases/receiving, etc.


Successful event planners have a professional network of caterers or catering companies as their reliable counterparts when holding great events. Chefs and catering specialists constantly manage food costs and menu creator cycles serving up to thousands of meals for corporate and social functions.

CALCMENU’s catering costs calculator equips kitchen catering staff with the right knowledge in preparing menus for guests with discriminating tastes and special requirements, while costing recipes and menus, and creating menu plans almost automatically.

Professionally crafted recipes and menus ensure a good nutritional balance is achieved for your guests. 

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• Operational and standardization improvements using a centralized application management

• Straightforward recipe publication

• Recipe handling based on food components

• Innovative recipe data distribution across global locations

• Portable data access to fulfill chef’s tasks regardless of sites

• Food standard conformity with streamlined development and control of composition and declaration

• First-rate consistence of unified recipes

• Efficient recipe marketing and brand promotion

• Systematic recipe distribution and brand advertisement

• Decreased food expenses including time and labor charges

Client Reference

EGS CALCMENU is used worldwide by individual chefs, students, restaurant owners, caterers, airlines, cruise line, bakeries, food manufacturers, food marketers, chains, hospitals and nursing homes, hotel management schools, and other culinary professionals.

Here are some of EGS CALCMENU clients:

Client Story

Under the watchful eye of the owners of Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, three brothers were able to put their idea into practice. They fused together tradition and innovation to bring about a philosophy of enjoyment and holistic eating: vegetarian food is healthy and can be very delicious.