Homecare, Nursing and Retirement Homes

Hospitals and nursing homes rely on CALCMENU Web Health solutions to nourish their patients with different dietary and medical requirements.

CALCMENU Web Health helps manage specific meal types, dietary needs, allergen labels, and provide accurate meal prep apps information for creating and planning menus and meal cycles for daily and weekly meal production for senior care or eldercare homes.


As an enterprise solution meeting the unique requirements of the hospital and healthcare industries, you get access to top-of-the-line technology that provides you flexibility in providing nutritional therapy with a great service your patients deserve.


CALCMENU Web Health is a leading-edge food software application equipped with food checking and assessment, paperless menus, food allergy screening, robotic menu checking, nutrient imprinting and many more features. Hospital cafeteria operators and food service managers can collect real-time food data they can use to guide their decisions onsite.

• Enhanced operations and standardization control accessible through a centralized management system

• Easy recipe publication 

• Ingredient-based recipe management

• Global recipe management allowing multiple location sharing

• Easy mobile data access for chefs everywhere, anywhere

• Food law compliance, including clear creation and management of composition and declaration

• Consistent quality of standardized recipes

• Valuable recipe brand promotion and marketing

• Efficient recipe marketing and brand promotion

• Food cost formula reduction, especially in time and labor

Client Reference

EGS CALCMENU is used worldwide by individual chefs, students, restaurant owners, airline catering companies, cruise lines, bakeries, food manufacturers, food marketers, chains, hospitals and nursing homes, hotel management schools, and other culinary professionals.

Here are some of EGS CALCMENU clients:

Client Story

EGS CALCMENU Enterprise’s Nutrient Calculation and Allergen information features are indespensible tools used by the Swiss Hospital to monitor the nutrional value and allergen content of their recipes.