Consumer and Professional Brands

High quality recipes serve as global marketing tools for consumers.

Food companies use consumer websites to promote their brands thru standardized recipes by ingredients app, nutrient values, allergens and complete food information.

CALCMENU works with digital marketing strategies to give standardized, quality recipe data for customers.


When consumers search recipe calculator ingredients on brand websites, consumers are drawn to buy the brands used if the recipe is interesting. 

Consumer brand companies need to maintain a strong brand identity to build their corporate image. But with legacy recipes in different places, regions, and formats, the business requires a powerful meal planning software that can make the work of managing recipe data easy, fast, and convenient for digital marketing.

• Operational and standardization improvements using a centralized application management

• Straightforward recipe publication

• Recipe handling based on food components

• Innovative recipe data distribution across global locations

• Portable data access to fulfill chef’s tasks regardless of sites

• Food standard conformity with streamlined development and control of composition and declaration

• First-rate consistence of unified recipes

• Efficient recipe marketing and brand promotion

• Systematic recipe distribution and brand advertisement

• Decreased food expenses including time and labor charges

Client Reference

CALCMENU Web Brand Marketing is highly scalable and flexible in many ways, allowing business growth and greater operational efficiencies.
Be on top of competitors and other product lines. Gain a competitive edge with CALCMENU!

Client Story

“Recipe Content is the single most important aspect of our food brands and forms a key channel to consumers. A global backend solution for recipe management system is the key priority for our foods recipe content.

The goal is to make all our global recipe information freely and universally available to our consumers, with one global recipe management database, consistent recipe templates, formats and quality across all brands and markets.”