How does it work?

Recipe Approval enables a more organized management and quality control of recipes in your database by allowing you to manage the visibility of your recipes within the site.

The Recipe Approval feature is set whether to require users to submit a recipe for approval before posting it online or before using in production. This is helpful in monitoring the process of creation of a recipe until it is considered final and can actually be used. If a user creates a recipe and it has not yet been approved, only the user would be able to view the created recipe. A user will not be able to share unapproved recipes. When a user submits a recipe for approval, he may also provide a comment about the request for approval. The approver can read these comments while approving the recipe.


Ensures only approved recipes that meet company standards are published or used in production.


Set which items are required for an approval before it can used or published.

For users without any approval rights, they are required to send new and modified items for approval by clicking Save and Submit entry button.

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