How does it work?

CALCMENU Web automatically computes the nutrient information as each merchandise or item is added to the recipe or menu. This is useful in calculating the nutritional value of each recipe and menu which is very important for the growing health-conscious population.

Define up to 34 nutrients from international nutrient references (USDA, ASA, BLS, and many others) and link them to food ingredients. Users may also enter imposed values as verified by the nutritionists.

Other available nutrient references:


ANNSES/Ciqual (France)
ASA (Switzerland)
BLS (Germany)
BLS 3 (Germany)
Canadian Nutrient File (English) (Canada)
Canadian Nutrient File (French) (Canada)
CFC (China)
INN (Italy)
NEVO (Netherlands)
NUBEL (Belgium)
Nutrient Composition of Food (Singapore)
SGE04-F (Switzerland)
SGE04-G (Switzerland)
SGE04-I (Switzerland)
Standard Tables of Food Composition (Japan)
Swiss Food (Switzerland)
TACO (Brazil)
UK (CoF IDS) (England)

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