How does it work?

Baker's Percentage is exactly the feature that a professional baker needs to show basic proportions of ingredients, calculated, and expressed as percentages.

The advantage of using the Baker's Percentage is that the bakers can easily compare formulas of other ingredients with the total weight of the flour; the subrecipe ingredient that also uses flour; and the final dough, calculating the proportions of the formula and all the other ingredients in the flour to 100% of its weight. It also gives the baker clear-cut ways to resize or scale a formula to make more or less dough once the percentages are known, because the calculations are straightforward.

With CALCMENU Enterprise, computing the baker's percentage is done automatically so you save time and effort calculating the proportions of the flour with the other baking ingredients. It also holds a report printout feature which makes an ideal guide during the baking process. It is fast, easy, and practical!

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