Have a Macintosh but want to use EGS Solutions?


For CALCMENU Web (Professional, Business, Chain)

EGS helps you expand opportunities by enabling CALCMENU Web for Safari on Macintosh. Enjoy full access to CALCMENU Web's services and get the latest updates by simply logging on to our website with any internet browser.


CALCMENU Web values it's client's convenience, thus, we are pleased to announce that CALCMENU Web is available in both website and mobile app format available for all iPad and iPhone devices. Engage interactively with the CALCMENU Kiosk mobile application and handle your kitchen operations with ease.


For CALCMENU Windows (Chef/Pro/Enterprise) and F&B Control


You can run the additional downloadable CALCMENU Windows programs through any of these procedures:

Using the Remote Desktop Protocol (recommended).
This enables you to remotely connect to the EGS server where CALCMENU or F&B Control is installed. Here, you can work with the program as if it is installed on your own Mac. There is no additional software download or installation required. EGS hosts CALCMENU and/or F&B Control for you. You just need Internet access to use the solution.

If you don't have Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in your Mac, you can download this tool online for FREE. Check out instructions here .

Using an Emulator.
Emulation software such as Parallels Desktop allows you to install Microsoft Windows Operating system in a virtual environment. This option will run on your Macintosh in a separate virtual machine that has Windows so you can still access all your Macintosh applications while working on CALCMENU and/or F&B Control. Check out instructions here .

Using Boot Camp.
Boot Camp allows you to install Windows next to Macintosh operating system. This will give you the option to start Windows or Macintosh when you start your computer. You have to restart the machine when you switch from Windows to Macintosh and vice versa. To install Boot Camp, check out instructions here .

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