Along with the advent of “cloud computing” which transforms software from products to more of a service and enables the sharing of resources and information on a wider level, software companies have also began developing software with the same concept and which offers the same convenience.  This type of software is slowly making its way into both small- and large businesses’ systems or even homes.

At first thought, such software would seem impractical and costly. But frankly, it’s the opposite. Allow me to give you the facts on this new software technology, Software as a Service, as well as on its perks.

Software as a Service veers away from the typical software in a sense that instead of the all-too-familiar setup where you buy, install and use, this software would only require you to avail of a service access, connect and use.  This is because the software that you are using is not actually installed on your computer (thus no confusing installation procedures, installers, etc.) but on the Software Developer Company’s server and all the resources and maintenance that go with it are being handled by the company who owns it. For you to be use the software, you would have to acquire rights to access and connect to their server for a certain period and use the software program from there.

This service basically utilizes a remote connection method – via the Remote Desktop Tool found in most PCs and an Internet connection—which enables you (the user) to access and use the software program installed in the Software Developer Company’s server. Software licenses are given to the users to access the server and use the software within the limited time period, for a fixed fee. Access and use are disabled once the user reaches the end of the time period, unless a renewal for the service is requested.

Think of it as like going to the movies. You do not actually pay to own a copy of the film nor do you borrow it to watch at home, rather, you pay the movie theather for you to be able to watch the film in the theater, within a scheduled screening time. If you would want to watch again, you can buy another ticket.

Such technology is even made greater with these perks:

  1. Enjoy a pay-for-what-you-only-use service with no fees for unnecessary extras. You do not have to worry about missing to read the fine print. You instantly know what you get and what you pay for.  This type of software service lets you get a clearer view of the costs in addition to the benefits of not needing so much IT expertise to make it work. You pay a montly fee and you are certain that all is already included—no shocking costs or hidden fees for setting up or fixing the server, nor are there fees for periodical hardware maintenance or upgrades.
  2. Should more people need to use the program, you can simply ask for additional licenses via email. That’s it and you’re right back on track. You do not even have to go through the hassle of shipping, pick-up and waiting for a software package to arrive nor would you need to install anything.
  3. Since the software is installed on the Software Company’s server, all PC action like processing is happening on the server. This means, regardless of whether you are a “Mac” or a ”PC” user, whether you are using a powerful high-spec computer, an overly used laptop, an old PC running on Windows XP or even a portable device such as an iPad, iPhone or android phone–just as long as you have a reliable enough Internet connection, you are in business. 
  4. You can eliminate the hassles of waiting, delays, approvals and reminders everytime a new software version comes out. This software service lets you automatically get the latest version along with the latest features and functionalities, the moment these are made available.
  5. You don’t need an “IT guy” (or be one) to maintain the system. The software company does it all for you! Since the company hosting the solution is handling the server, they take care of the maintenance work, the server updates, patches, security, backup, optimization, etc. No do-it-yourself routines. All that’s really left for you to do is to just use the system.
  6. Since the server can be accessed practically on any device which has a remote desktop tool and internet connection, users no longer need to be tied down to a specific location or device to work on the software. Whether you are at home, stuck in traffic, on a business trip abroad, you can just conveniently log in and get right back to work.
  7. Availing of software as a service is environment-friendly. This technology is paperless and plastic-less since no package is being sent when using software service. How about energy, you ask? Most software developers nowadays actually make it a point to use “green” energy for their servers. This means that these servers run on renewable energy. And they’re not even consuming much of it since energy is being shared, thus is being used more efficiently.

There is really so much more into software as a service than what meets the eye. The Internet Internet is an open window full of useful tools that are yet to be discovered and tried and this is one of such technology that can prove to be a convenient for you and effective for your business. This is mainly because such a technology allows specialized companies to do what they do the best: provide a reliable, hassle-free solution so that you can focus more on what you do best: care for and enhance your business.

Curious about software as a service?  Try it out for yourself through a free trial of EGS CALCMENU and EGS F&B Control from our server.

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