Why they Work and How

“Recipe content is the single most important aspect of our food brands and forms a key channel to consumers…” – Top clientele of Recipe Management Software global experts Enggist and Grandjean Software SA


When consumers search for Recipes on brand websites, they are instantly drawn to buy the brands used if the recipe is interesting. This is an important goal for consumer brands companies to maintain a strong brand identity and build their corporate image to a particular market.

However, with their recipes in different places, regions, formats, done by different chefs and authors, companies worry about not having good recipes available for their target markets, and thus losing on the opportunity to advertise their brands with this potent medium.


The Challenge: No standardization,  no consistency in how recipes are written, resulting to a disordered recipe management system.


The Solution: What EGS CALCMENU does is help companies fix all the messy recipes within the software, and even help migrate old data from existing systems. This results to improved recipes as approved by the key users before publishing to recipe or brand websites.

The backend can be difficult and tedious to work on, because this may mean years of work by different chefs and authors from various locations around the world, but CALCMENU makes the work easy,  fast, and even more convenient!


EGS CALCMENU as created by EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA (EGS SA),  includes a great deal of features such as:

  • Recipe Standardization
  • Accurate Pricing Strategies,
  • Automatic Cost and Nutrient Calculation
  • Automatic Unit Conversion
  • Allergen Management
  • Brand and Product Marketing
  • Multicurrency and Multilingual Versatility
  • Composition and Label Management
  • Mobile Application
  • Facebook Integration and a whole lot more designed for the foodservice industry

It is also highly scalable and flexible in many ways, allowing business growth and greater operational efficiencies.


You can also take full advantage of your collaboration with EGS / through services like:

  • Recipe Syndication – make your recipes available to multiple websites, mobile applications, and social networking sites.
  • Hosting – CALCMENU can be hosted on your server / or on EGS server (through Amazon AWS/RDS).
  • Security – allow full security with regular penetration tests and other procedures.
  • Training – maximize learning and user productivity ONLINE or ON-SITE.
  • Support – provide 24/7 customer service to end-users worldwide.
  • Customization – add extra features, link to existing systems, and others suitable for your specifications.


Be on top of competitors and other product lines. Gain a competitive edge with CALCMENU.


EGS CALCMENU is one of the world leaders in providing foodservice software solutions in Europe, U.S.A., Asia, and the rest of the world.



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