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One advanced recipe and nutrient calculator solution linking your recipe data to everything.

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EGS CALCMENU is an advanced software used by chefs and food professionals to manage RECIPE and Ingredients DATA to ensure: Standard Recipe Data, Optimized Food Costing Management,  Correct Nutritional Information,  Centralized storage of information, and Link to other systems.

How It Works

Developed by leading Swiss-based software developer EGS Enggist and Grandjean Software SA, CALCMENU is a web-based recipe management system that answers common requirements of foodservice industries in managing and standardizing merchandise, recipes, and menus. This program addresses the needs of foodservice professionals, whether you own an airline, a catering company, restaurant, hotel, and bakery. This is particularly useful for those managing multiple branches across the country or across the world or for recipe content providers publishing recipes on the Internet.

CALCMENU is also an award-winning recipe application that features multiple language translations of merchandise, recipes or menus, multiple currencies, and multiple sets of prices. Special versions of CALCMENU Web allow menu planning and forecasting and handling of composition label with ingredient, allergens, and other information.

Food service professionals can implement standard procedures, portioning, and presentation from all their recipes. They can easily share information with other geographical markets once recipes are finalized and approved.

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Centralized System Management
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Recipe Management
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Global Management
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Simplify Chef's Task
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Recipe Publication
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Reduced Food Costs
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Nutrients GDA
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Efficient Recipe Promotion


EGS’ experiences in working with highly skilled chefs and large multinational foodservice companies have sharpened the expertise in developing software applications that provide user-friendly yet advanced and sophisticated features. From creation, modification, and printing of recipes and menus to menu costing and resizing, nutrient analysis, composition, and many more, CALCMENU is an indispensable tool to simplify the standardization, distribution, and management of your most important asset – your recipes.

Our Clients

EGS clients are well-known brands across the world. They have recognized the value of establishing a long term-term partnership with us based on mutual trust and respect. EGS CALCMENU has helped elevate the businesses of our partners into a new level. Through CALCMENU, our partners have become responsive to the needs of their own customers.

Without a doubt that CALCMENU is committed to continue delivering a great service to its loyal clients and cultivating new relationships with other brands.

"The tools and features found on CALCMENU Web greatly helped in simplifying what was once such a complicated process.”
- Supermarket Chain in Switzerland
"Saves a lot of time when you need to constantly work on a lot of recipes and at the same time manage your costs and inventory."
- Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico
"A global backend solution for recipe management system."
- Consumer Brand Company

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