Nutrition labels are crucial in helping individuals choose the best foods to follow a healthy diet. Studies have shown that nutrition labels affect consumer’s food choices as it provides key information to help them stay on track of their health goals.

The Dubai Municipality issued a mandatory calorie-labeling bylaw on menus that all food and beverage establishments have to comply with.

Establishments that have 5 or more branches under their brand will have to comply by 31st October 2019; while other establishments that do not fall under the previous category have till 31st January 2020. Both calorie count and ingredients of each dish will need to be displayed on menus or the equivalent by the deadlines stipulated by the Dubai Municipality.

EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA (EGS SA) designed EGS CALCMENU to transform the way you manage your kitchen operations to realize increased productivity and operational effectiveness while reducing costs.


Achieve Quick Recipe Analysis

Accurately analyze nutritional information and allergens for all your dishes. Calculate up to twelve (12) nutritional values that you can select from several reference databases such as USDA, SwissFood, BLS, Inn, Ciqual and AusNut. Easily design your meal plans and cycles with consideration on dietary intakes or requirements.


Always Legislation Compliant

Comply with food law and labelling regulations by tracking nutritional information and allergens and including them in your ingredient declarations. Automatically, sync your recipe data with our EGS Food Label Assistant App (FLA) to print your food labels.



Recipe Management, Simplified

Encode and store all your recipes in one place. You can easily search for recipes by merchandise (ingredient), keyword or category, to edit, scale or add them to a menu plan. You have the ability to assign user roles, such as administrator (creator/editor) or read-only accounts for your staff.


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