Go Global this 2019 1

Is your business ready for the new demands for 2019? According to Technomic it has identified Eight Global Trends that businesses, from food chains, distributors or manufacturers must understand and incorporate into their 2019 strategies. We’ve selected our top three: Trend 1 – Accessibility When … Read More

Add A Little Holiday Sizzle 1

The holiday season is fast approaching and while the rest of the world is busy putting up festive décor, shopping for gifts, and planning resolutions – the catering industry has their hands full preparing for the countless events leading up … Read More

Philippines Food Technology Act: Is Your Business Ready? 1

Is Your Business Ready? Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has signed Republic Act (RA) no. 11052 which makes the Professional Regulatory Board of Food Technology implement its practices in the Philippines. This food technology law intends for the use of raw … Read More

Food Industry Trends to Watch out for This 2019 1

It’s the start of a new year. What’s your game plan for 2019? There will be numerous trend predictions for the foodservice industry and since it’s the season of giving, we rounded up the first few releases and packaged them … Read More

Health on the Go: Four Must-Have Health and Fitness iPad Apps 1

EThanks to the rise of mobile devices and applications, almost everything you need is now accessible in just a few clicks. From shopping to traveling and working, there’s always an app that you can use to assist you in just … Read More

Sweets for Your Sweets: Creative Valentine’s Day Food Ideas 1

It’s that time of the year again when love fills the air and people turn into the most romantic versions of themselves. From V-Day cards and cuddly teddy bears to blooming roses and heart-shaped cakes, everyone who has someone to … Read More

EU LAW on Food Labels – Beneficial for consumers, complex for manufacturers? 1

As part of the European Union integration process, unified laws and regulations on food labelling were agreed upon by the EU commission and the representatives of the member states. The EU Council and EU Parliament reviewed and debated on a … Read More

EGS CALCMENU Media: Executive Chef Chiquita Gulati 1

Loyal EGS CALCMENU user Executive Chef Chiquita Gulati as featured in Fermina North introducing Recipe Management Technology in India!   “Today, the lady, unnerved by the industrials knives, tie up for north India with EGS, one of the leading recipe … Read More

The New USDA Dinner Plate 1

  The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) recently introduced a new eating guide called MyPlate which replaces the decades-old Food Guide Pyramid. MyPlate is a plate icon sliced into four to represent different food groups. Each colored section is for fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. … Read More

Improving Nutrient and Allergen Management in the Food Industry 1

Nowadays, it is not enough for customers to just pick out any dish in a menu. Most of them make it a point to know what is in the dish—sometimes even demanding a detailed listing of the ingredients. It is … Read More