EU LAW on Food Labels – Beneficial for consumers, complex for manufacturers? 1

As part of the European Union integration process, unified laws and regulations on food labelling were agreed upon by the EU commission and the representatives of the member states. The EU Council and EU Parliament reviewed and debated on a … Read More

Importance of Understanding Food Labels 1

Some consumers often recognize the importance of reading nutritional labels too lightly, as most think that only health professionals and nutrition experts would actually benefit from them. Nutritional information is found on prepackaged foods including nutritional values, allergens, expiration date, and … Read More

CALCMENU: The Secret to Recipe Consistency 1

Consistency. One cannot overemphasize the need for consistency in the single most important asset in the food industry— recipes. As the key channel to consumers, recipes must be consistent not only in ingredients and keywords but also in template and format … Read More

Kiosk for CALCMENU 1

The Kiosk for CALCMENU is the latest solution from EGS SA. It allows foodservice professionals like chefs, culinary arts students, caterers, F&B Managers and other food enthusiasts to share their recipes in EGS CALCMENU with any PC and even via mobile.   The Kiosk for CALCMENU can … Read More

EGS CALCMENU Software Review 1

The food industry professionals understand that it is certainly imperative to use a software for food and recipe management with other information that goes along each item and ingredient. It would nearly impossible to accomplish without using software, though it … Read More

All About CALCMENU Web 2013 1

Software and technology has been of great assistance in the daily living of individuals and regular operations of many companies worldwide. In the corporate world, the implementation of different automated software performing their respective purposes plays a significant role on … Read More

CALCMENU Cloud – A Sneak Peek to our newest Solution! 1

A fun feature of CALCMENU Cloud on the Recipe Module is the Picture Control where the user can add more photos, edit, delete, set default, zoom, and even arrange the food pictures in steps!   Recipe Picture Control- Easily add and browse photos to upload.   … Read More

EGS CALCMENU Media: Executive Chef Chiquita Gulati 1

Loyal EGS CALCMENU user Executive Chef Chiquita Gulati as featured in Fermina North introducing Recipe Management Technology in India!   “Today, the lady, unnerved by the industrials knives, tie up for north India with EGS, one of the leading recipe … Read More

Notice to the Public 1

Discontinuance of business between EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA based in St-Blaise, Switzerland and EGS Actwings GmbH with headquarters in France If you are a client of the EGS Actwings SARL company, or you intend to buy a product from this … Read More

How Do I Get Started with CALCMENU? Part 2 1

After defining your preferences in Part 1, now it’s time to identify the other information needed in managing your recipes in CALCMENU. You can manage the categories, keywords, sources, taxes, texts, units, yield units, nutrient rules, labor and ingredients.   In Managing … Read More