Food Brand Marketing using Recipe Websites 1

Why they Work and How “Recipe content is the single most important aspect of our food brands and forms a key channel to consumers…” – Top clientele of Recipe Management Software global experts Enggist and Grandjean Software SA   When consumers … Read More

EGS CALCMENU Web Care: Kitchen Software Management for Nursing and Retirement Homes 1

Hospitals and nursing homes gain more with these benefits by creating meals best suited to the particular condition of the patients. With a dedicated, central organization that decides assigned meal plans for different branches, the risk of inaccuracies is eliminated. … Read More

Profit through partnership, CALCMENU Philippines Inc. introduced to LTB Philippines 1

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Label Printing Made Easy 1

Label printing presents a variety of challenges that can come from accuracy of the label to the speed and convenience of the action. That’s why EGS SA found a solution to make an otherwise tedious and complicated kitchen task a … Read More

EGS CALCMENU Gets 2016 Management Software Awards From FinancesOnline 1

One of the most popular business software platforms – FinancesOnline, has recently prepared a very positive review of EGS CALCMENU and distinguished this software with its prestigious Expert Choice Award for 2016. The platform published very thorough EGS CALCMENU reviews on their site, … Read More

Beating the Kitchen Rush: Time-Saving Tips for Budding Chefs 1

Cooking in the most time-economic way possible is a skill all chefs-in-the-making should master. A few kitchen shortcuts, tips, and tricks will certainly go a long way in beating the dinner rush in a crowded restaurant. Save yourself some precious … Read More

Health on the Go: Four Must-Have Health and Fitness iPad Apps 1

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Sweets for Your Sweets: Creative Valentine’s Day Food Ideas 1

It’s that time of the year again when love fills the air and people turn into the most romantic versions of themselves. From V-Day cards and cuddly teddy bears to blooming roses and heart-shaped cakes, everyone who has someone to … Read More

Nutrition 101 1

Nutrition facts on food labels give consumers more information on the nutrient content of a particular food product. This enables them to make better food choices and follow a healthier lifestyle. Below is a concise guide on nutritional information:   … Read More

For the victims of Typhoon Haiyan 1

We are truly saddened with the unprecedented disaster in the Philippines brought by super typhoon Haiyan, causing damage, dislocation of families, broken lives and deaths. In light of this recent tragedy, EGS CALCMENU has coordinated with the local government institution, Department … Read More