The holiday season is fast approaching and while the rest of the world is busy putting up festive décor, shopping for gifts, and planning resolutions – the catering industry has their hands full preparing for the countless events leading up to the new year.

During this peak period, maximizing efficiency while maintaining quality is key to keeping your customers happy. Move twice as fast with our intelligent solutions designed to replace manual processes with cutting-edge technology—as the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new”.

We’ve gathered some insider intel from industry experts to round up the top three tips to help you shine through the holidaze.

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Tip #1 – Automate It

Tired of manual processes and calculations? Review and replace antiquated processes with automated systems to improve your operations and workflow. Not only will you work smarter and faster, you’ll reduce errors along the way too!

The slightest change in number of guests, price, or even menus can make or break your event. Imagine having to manage all the last minute changes manually. The good news is that with today’s technology, you don’t have to stay stuck in manual processes any longer.

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Tip #2 – Factory or Farm

People are paying more attention to food sourcing – they want to know where your ingredients come from. Sourcing locally and sustainably can become your brand differentiator that will set you apart from competition. Here’s how.

  • Source locally. It’s time to give independent and smaller suppliers and vendors a chance! These days, people are more conscious and are keen to support businesses and establishments that want to make a difference. Using produce from your local community and nearby farms allows you to plan seasonal shifting menus that sets you apart.
  • Waste not. Nose-to-tail butchery and root-to-stem cooking has become big news. Think about the ingredients you normally toss away and get creative with recipes. Some great ideas include pickled watermelon rinds, carrot top pesto, and sautéed beet greens. Not only will you be serving food that’s bang on trend, it will save you money too.

EGS CALCMENU helps you better manage your recipes and food costs even with daily specials on your menu to simplify operations and aid in your business desert

Tip #3 – Health is Wealth

The move towards healthier and wholesome food will continue on to the new year. More and more people are adopting this lifestyle which will give rise to more healthy trends like the Poke and Super Foods craze that we saw in 2018.

Include healthy options and alternatives to the usual festive favorites for your upcoming events this season – your clients’ waistlines will thank you for it!

Loving those side dips and sauces? Trade in sour cream for healthy Greek yogurt or Hummus for the usual cream cheese dip. Keep the deliciousness and protein in your dishes with these healthy holiday swaps.

When you swap an ingredient in your existing recipes on CALCMENU, food cost including the nutrient information are automatically calculated.

What’s more? You’ll also be able to create labels showing nutritional information for government compliance and for the health-conscious costumers.


Let this upcoming holiday be the start of more productive seasons.

Save time and money by optimizing your workflow and reducing your operational costs up to 15 percent.

We’d love to talk to you how EGS CALCMENU can help!



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