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Established in 1989, EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA (EGS SA) develops intelligent and advanced Recipe Management Solutions for food cost control and standardization, nutritional analysis and diet monitoring, food composition & labeling, brand marketing, recipe website marketing, menu and production planning, and more. EGS has over 26 years of experience in providing global solutions for individual chefs, restaurants, hotels and bakery chains, catering companies, airlines, hospitals and home for the aged, food marketing and food production companies, etc.

EGS continues to deliver the best solutions with constant research and development to offer the right products for the foodservice industry. Our solutions, mainly from the CALCMENU Suite, are a range of desktop and web-based Recipe and Back Office Management Solutions.

Key benefits of EGS Solution:
  • Ensures quality products thru methods of food production, sanitation, culinary education, proper staff training
  • Provide Nutrient details, GDA, RDA, allergens and pseudo-allergens
  • Handles food composition and labeling in compliance with laws
  • Increased revenue due to accurate pricing, menu planning with forecasting,
  • Reduced food cost and labor costs and ease of staff training
  • Multi-lingual interface, translations of data, multiple unit systems.
  • Manage recipe publication for efficient marketing and brand promotion

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E-mail: info@eg-software.com

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Featured Clients

Centralizing Recipe Management Anytime, Anywhere
A web-based recipe management system developed to answer common needs of foodservice industries in managing and standardizing merchandise, recipes, and menus.
  • Promotes consistency and quality by standardizing recipes
  • Handles nutrient details, GDA, RDA, allergens and pseudo-allergens information at your fingertips
  • Makes it easier to work for any staff because of the multilingual and multicurrency versatility.
  • Ensures quality products thru methods of food production, sanitation, culinary education, proper staff training

Connect Your Brands Through Recipes
A web-based recipe management system for the global food companies with consumer website and brand marketing in managing and standardizing content, which include nutrient value calculation and brand information, etc. 
  • Gains an edge in reputation by standardizing your brands.
  • Creates and maintains consumer brand websites associated with a particular brand efficiently and effectively through Share-to-Kiosk.
  • Standardizes recipes and advanced brand website management, assuring consistent format, template, and quality.

The Versatile Solution for Recipe and Menu Management System
This software program provides companies with an easy and flexible solution for searching, managing, and sharing their recipes and menus. It is a versatile recipe management software designed for companies that have multiple concurrent users in a network with varying access rights and responsibilities.
  • Offers you greater stability, speed, and accuracy when it comes to managing recipes, menus, food costs, and nutrients for your growing foodservice company.
  • gives users a fast and reliable way of accessing recipes, thus becoming a versatile and affordable solution for recipe standardization and distribution.
  • Provides companies with an easy and flexible solution and advanced nutrient analysis, allergens, food compositions, etc.

Recipe Management and Food Costing Software for Foodservice Professionals
This software program has user-friendly features such as food costing, menu planning, and nutrient calculation suitable for individual chefs, restaurant owners, culinary arts students, and other food enthusiasts.
  • Manage your recipes, calculate menu costs, nutritional analysis and information on allergens.
  • Allow translations of merchandise, recipes, and menus to other languages

Standalone Recipe Management Software
A professional recipe management software that provides user-friendly features to manage merchandise and recipes.
  • Nutritional analysis and information on allergens
  • Precise Calculation of Costs
  • Standardize Content of Recipes

The Complete Foodservice Inventory Management and Back Office Solution
A complete back-office software system specifically designed for the foodservice and hospitality industry for multiple network systems. It is the ideal foodservice software system for controlling food costs, monitoring inventories and managing back-office operations.
  • Manage inventories in multiple locations and suppliers list.
  • Perform purchase requisitions, ordering, receiving and export data to your Accounting system.
  • Establish an efficient system with centralized management and quicker access to recipe, merchandise, menu information
  • Improved productivity for administrative services, through transparency and speed provided by the system
  • Multi-lingual interface and data of EGS solutions
  • Interface with POS and Barcode scanner
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